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Since our startup on 1995 in France, we provide accounting, tax, auditing and financial services to the business world. Experience has led us to become a growth partner of our clients rather than simple accounting service providers.

In Greece, we provide services that offer immediate solutions with minimal cost to any small, medium or large company.


  • Facilitation of entrepreneurship (start-up of new companies, acquisition or sale of companies, provision of organized Business Center for the temporary or permanent needs of clients with all the necessary administrative support and other services).
  • Uncompromised IT solutions (business management programs tailored to the need of every activity, without the need for special equipment, no need to purchase software, constantly upgrading and reducing operating costs for customers).
  • Ensure optimal operation (accounting, tax, payroll, internal control and financial solutions without the need for your own software and human resources infrastructure).
  • Networking development inside and outside borders (simplification of market or country entry procedures, tax and organization advice, direct contact with chambers and entrepreneurship organizations).
  • Achieve retail agreements with retail and wholesale networks.  Our international presence can open doors to trade agreements to place your products inside and outside the borders in the appropriate sales networks.
  • Legal support (setup or modify commercial contracts, documents of General Assembly / Board of Directors, wider agreements through a network of low-cost collaborating lawyers).
  • Management of arrears of your customers (negotiation and implementation of debt collection with or without legal actions).

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